My therapist has reminded me that at this stage of my life I owe it to myself to focus on my own happiness, so I am backing away from most clinical work. I am looking at doing on-line work and home visits.

I realized that this business has somehow become more about making money to keep an office open than my original intent of helping people in need. With that in mind I have decided to restructure my hypnosis services and get back to doing what I wanted to do of helping people.

I am still in the life saving business so If you want to quit smoking, I am available to help. I know that stopping smoking can save your life and now is always the right time to quit.

I will keep this page active for a while as I restructure my business into something more suitable for a more relaxed lifestyle.

We are only limited by our own mind to accomplish what our heart is calling us to.

Leave a voice message or text at 615-900-0284

E-mail me at HypnosisForHealth@att.net

Check out these videos and more. They can answer some of the more frequently asked questions.

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